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Solidworks Tutorials by SolidProfessor


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SolidProfessor just released a set of SolidWorks tutorials for people switching out of AutoCAD which I found really helpful. Here are the links:

Introducing the transition between 2D to 3D

Introduces SolidWorks behavior and Design Intent

Explains how to import a .dwg or .dxf file

Gives an overview of the DWGeditor

Explains how to import a .dwg file into a SolidWorks drawing

Explains how to import to a SolidWorks drawing as an embedded dwg format

Explains how to import a dwg file into a 3D model

Explains how to align and orient imported sketches

Their website is: SolidProfessor - Training for SolidWorks and SolidWorks-related Products
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Here are some more videos from Solidprofessor:

Introduces the how parts are created using combinations of features

Describes the various components of the SolidWorks interface

Explains how to use Edit Sketch and Edit Part modes

Explains how to use the line tool within a sketch

Explains how to use the rectangle tool within a sketch

Explains how to use the various circle and arc sketch entities

Explains how manual geometric relations can be added to control a sketch

Explains how dimensions are used to define and control a sketch

Explains how to extrude a 2-D sketch into a 3-D part

Explains how to remove material based on a sketch
MoreTraining Vidoes for learning SolidWorks

If you are new to SolidModeling all together then what you need is a set of training videos that will guide you through the fundamentals of Solidmodeling. Inspirtech has produced a series of videos that are full of real life examples and excercies. Starting at $39.00

For more information see the samples at

SolidWorks Training & Tutorials on DVD - Inspirtech - Free samples


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