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SolidWorks User Group Network Technical Summit


New member
At the invitation of Richard Doyle, I attended the one-day training
and networking "SWUGN Technical Summit" for San Jose, CA on Nov 14,
2007. I was thoroughly impressed with the diversity and quality of the
event's presentations which covered topics ranging from training for
Animator to discussions of concepts like Horizontal Design. There were
so many presentations offered that two were held at a time, giving the
attendees the opportunity to choose the topics that most interested

Many of the presentations at our Technical Summit are similar to the
Break-Out Sessions that will be offered at SolidWorks 2008 in January.
There were a total of 10 training presentations in five sessions, not
including the free breakfast and lunch with its own presentation.
Which brings me to the best point: the Technical Summits are only $35!
This event is literally worth more than tens times that amount.
Similar events easily cost $400 or more, and don't include free
breakfast and lunch. I can't say enough that these events are a great
value, offering tremendous bang for the buck. They are also great
networking opportunities since end users of all sorts come together,
from industrial designers to shop owners. (As a side note, if the boss
is unlikely to approve of your trip to a SolidWorks World conference,
they may jump at the chance to approve your attendance to one of these
local Technical Summits instead.)

For the rest of my review (including details about individual
sessions) please go here:
Lorono's SolidWorks Resources
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