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SolidWorks User @ Your Service




I am an avid SolidWorks user based in Orem, UT in search of some side work. I have been using SolidWorks for about 6 years now and would like to offer my services to anyone who is need of design, drafting, animation, renderings, tooling, and prototype services. My experience is mostly mechanical and some electrical. I have been able to complete projects for many different industries including Military, Medical, Toy, and Consumable Products. I can work from partially developed sketches, renderings, or DXF/DWG files.

My most recent undertaking was working with a local paintball company in which I designed and developed add-on and accessory items for several of their guns. The most challenging aspect was reverse engineering each component so that it would fit exactly to the existing guns without any problems. Although challenging I managed to design all the components and drawings needed to meet or exceed their deadlines.

I have a lot of experience and knowledge working with many different types of plastics and metals and can effectively design products to accommodate those materials. I am mechanically inclined to take on any task that is put in front of me. If you have a project that needs to meet a reasonable deadline I can help you achieve your goals in that timely manner. My rate varies from 25-35 per hour depending on complexity of design and due date. I am also willing to work nights and weekends to meet the required deadline.

Please take a look at my resume and some samples of my work shown below. If you would like to see other examples please email me at [email protected] When responding please tell me what type of industry you are in so that I can give examples of my work in that related field. I look forward to developing a valued business relationship with you and your partners.

Best Regards,
Jon Knabenschuh


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