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Solving the static simulation!

Mr Rist

New member
Hi guys, I have designed the Racking with the weld, bolt and contact connectors for my warehouse so i wanted to simulate the stress and displacement and bolts check. I have defined all of thing to prepair for the simulation, but when i ran it, just 9.1% to be solved, i was still waitting for 20minutes, but nothing more while my CPU just at 40% and used 4 of 4 Cores RAM at 25% and GPU at 5%, i don't know why this simulation can't solve more than 9.1%. Any bros can help me run this and tell me why my computer can not run solve it completely.
My solidwroks 2014 Model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b2BB_LzkoIzUvx14VR1gq8XMHh_5ZRDB/view?usp=sharing
Thank so much bros!:D