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Spin in Pro-engineer Model.


New member
Dear Friends,
I have installed Pro-E WF 2.0.
I am having iball black cat mouse. ( The one with two buttons, and roll wheel in middle)
My Problem is that I am not able to spin the model when I am in Pro-E.
I can set different view like Top, Front etc. but can not spin model with Mouse
Can anybody help me to solve the Problem. how can I fix the problem?
I do not think that there is any problem with mouse as it works fine in other software like Inventor and MS Word and others.
So you can imagine what frustration I am having as I am not able to Spin the model.
Thanks and best regards,
hi prav_kul
hope it will help u
Some CAD softwares allow users to spin models handsfree. Wildfire 2.0 lets you spin a model as long as you hold the middle button. Here is a way to make Wildfire2.0 spin the model non stop handsfree.

Step 1.
Open the model in Wild fire.

Step 2
Click on the Orient mode button or click View > Orientation> Orient Mode>ON.

With the Orient Mode turned on click View> Orientation > Orient type > Velocity

Step 3
Keeping your middle mouse button pressed, spin the model. Don’t release the button yet.

Step 4
Press ALT+F or E or V or I or O or T or A or W or H to access the menu bar at the top.
When the menu drops down, you can release the middle mouse button.

Step 5
Now click the first mouse button anywhere on the screen. The position of the click will decide the direction and velocity of the spin. Move the mouse around to djust speed and direction.

As long as the middle button is not clicked the model will keep spinning.
ProE MMB Spin

I had to reprogram my Logitech mouse from default to be able to spin:
in SetPoint, My Mouse
1. Select Mouse (default)
2. Select Button choose 3 Middle Button
3. Select Task choose other
4. Select Function (Select Other Task) choose "Middle Button"
5. OK, OK

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