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Splines to Solids



Is it possible to make a solid from Splines. If so how would I do it?

Are there an links available for this?
Solids from Splines

Hello Kitch02,

According to my efforts, you can!
I am using AutoCAD 2005 & 2006.
What are you using?
As long as your splines are 'closed' you can EXTRUDE to a solid.
Just as you are about to draw the last segment of your shape to finish where you started from, type in 'C' to close the object, then return.
Go to Draw-Solids-Extrude, and follow instructions.
You could first increase the ISOLINES system variable to say 16 from the default of 4 before making solids.
Typing in SPLINEDIT will offer you the chance to close your spline if it is not already closed.

Hope this helps. Let me;)


I am using 2004, I have a spline for the outer perimiter and I also have splines creating a mesh 10mm apart in the x and y plains. If I pick a sgaure in the middle of the drawing and try edgesurf, it tells me that it is not closed.
Solids and Meshes

Hi! Kitch02,
It depends on which entities you are selecting and which command you use with them.
Edgesurf is a mesh modelling technique or wireframing method (not solid) and requires four individual but touching entities in order to work.
So even if your single spline was still not closed it would not work, using Edgesurf.
There are other methods such as revsurf, tabsurf & rulesurf.
Each of these requires a slightly different approach.
The help files would be a good start to seeing how it’s done.
Have a look at an answer I posted here to one called ‘knabini’ titled ‘’how to run a profile along a curve’’, on the second page.
It might give you an insight into making meshes.

Solids are somewhat simpler I think.
Why everything using splines? You can use lines, polylines & arcs an’ stuff you know!

Good luck and let us know how you got on.
I’ve been using 2005 & 2006, but I know the edgesurf stuff works in 2004 as well.
I don’t know nuffink about 2007………yet!

There are answers about......


LOL stephen, i just replied to you on cadtutor, I am going to post what I have tried so far from scratch when it comes to this drawing. It will be a very long post.

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