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Starting 3D Studio MAX R3 Results in UTIL.DLL Error


New member
After installing Character Studio, a series of error messages are displayed while 3D Studio MAX R3 is initializing. Clicking OK on each message allows 3D Studio MAX R3 to start, but the Biped button is not shown in the Create > Systems menu. There are two error messages, but the second one is displayed twice. The error messages are shown below:
a) 3dsmax.exe - Unable to locate DLL (The message indicates a missing util.dll file.
b) 3dsmax.exe - Entry Point Not Found (The message indicates an entry point error in the Bitmap Manager, bmm.dll)
If you search the 3D Studio MAX folder structure, you will find that the util.dll file is not present. However, this set of messages is misleading and can cause you to waste time diagnosing the problem.
The problem is a result of installing Character Studio from the Character Studio 2.0 CD, instead of from the 3D Studio MAX R3 CD. Purchases of Character Studio after August 1999 include a mailing of the Character Studio 2.0 CD, for registration information and sample files. Because Character Studio R2.0 has a CD, you think that it needs to be installed after installing 3D Studio MAX R3. This is incorrect, and results in the previously specified errors. If you have encountered these error messages, uninstall Character Studio and reinstall it from the 3D Studio MAX R3 CD. To run Character Studio with 3D Studio MAX R3, you must install Character Studio 2.2 from the 3D Studio MAX R3 CD. After installing 3D Studio MAX R3, restart the setup.exe program that is on the 3D Studio MAX R3 CD. In the Choose Setup Program dialog box, choose the second button from the top to install Character Studio R2.2.Start 3D Studio MAX R3 and open the Systems tab of the Create menu. Click the Biped button and enter an authorization code when prompted.

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