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Stress analysis. SW 2007 made for it?



Hello there,
I have to study the case of a engine turbine rotating at 25.000 rpm and was wondering if SW 2007 could help us.

The main issue is to have an idea about self destruction depending on material, mostly due to centrifuge force.

Can someone tell me if SW is a good application for that, or should I choose a solution more specialized in stress analysis?

SW 2007 is really only intended for basic analysis. Especially from something as complex as you mention you should consider a serious analysis tool. At the same time, the power of the software increases, so does the complexity and skill required.

I use SW as a tool to give me a rough idea of stresses and displacements using quick hand calculations. As the dynamics become more complex, I gradually increase the complexity of my finite element analysis.

Centrifugal loading is easily done and I've done it many times. You can divide your model up easily and use circular symetry if you need to reduce your model size.

Make sure you turn on the Inplane effects under the solver options to account for stress generated from centrigal forces.

You can do this analysis with a basic Cosmos package.

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