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Surface Appearance Help Please


So basically I work for a company which designs and builds cupboards. We have particular textures available (i.e. different types of wood or gloss)

I was wondering if it is possible to be able to drag an appearance (a JPEG image) onto an already drawn cupboard and for the mapping to be automatic. So on the front of the cupboard the wood grain should be vertical and on the side of the cupboards it is also vertical but with plain coloured filleted edging.

Please could you help to find:

1) How to make a folder of our personal wood grains available from the SolidWorks Screen
2) How to make the mapping automatic so that when applying a certain wood grain it is always orientated in the correct direction along with the correct coloured edges.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much




New member
This probably won't be much help, but years ago I did my own texture mapping.

We were building satellite hardware and I would design and then render concepts for bids.

Many of the satellites were covered with thermal blankets, which looked like a gold, slightly-wrinkled foil.

What I did was take a picture of some real thermal blanket, found a website to turn it into a continuous snippet, not sure what it's called but the top of the picture needs to match the bottom as well as the sides need to match so when the software places the texture on the object you can't see how it's patched together.

I then added it to the material textures in the database and it worked great.

Hopefully there is somebody who has done it more recently and can help. The official SW forum does have more users and activity. Have you posed the question over there?