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Surface extraction



I need help in extracting surface from a solid, can some explain me means of achieving the same and also explain the procedure to extract or generate wireframe from a surface.
Thanks in advance.
The EXTRACT tool in the GSD workbench will make surfaces based on the faces of your solid. It's pretty straight forward to use. You'll probably want to use one of the propagation options to extract adjacent faces.

There are several methods to obtain wireframe geometry (lines and curves) from a surface. BOUNDARY and INTERSECT are the most common tools to use.
The BOUNDARY function will extract the boundary edge of a surface or the EXTRACT function which will let you extract the face of a solid or the edge of a solid or surface. First you can EXTRACT the face of the solid, then extract an edge of the face you created by using the same command or you can use the BOUNDARY function to extract the complete boundary edge of the face, your choice. To extract all the edges or faces of a part, all you have to do is multi-select the edges or faces you want to extract BEFORE you select the EXTRACT icon.
(ie. To multi-select hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard and pick the edges or faces you want) Then select the EXTRACT icon and the dialogue box appears and indicates how many elements are to be extracted. Select the OK button and you will have all the curves or face you require.

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