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surfacing in solidworks


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I am wondering if there is a way to select accross a chain of edges. For example. When building a four part boundary using boundary surface and the underlying curves don't make up exactly the selection, How can I add to my selection of curves for one direction? Maybe I need to upload a picture.

You could try "CTRL" + select the surface edges to join and apply a "Composite Curve" from the curves menu, then use that a part of the boundary with the other edges.
I figured out ...

I figured out this can not be done in solidworks. The work around is to bisect the curves that will be projected.
I think it is easy to use selection filters ( for exam: Filter edge's for your question) for there more you can use "Select other" Tab when you atemp to select the edges in your part's if you use 2004 or leter versions you should right click on the part and then select "select other" and then solidworks will listed all of selectable things in the parts and let you to chose one of them, in new versions you can click on the part then you can select "select other" in SW mini menu. :)
I hope i can understand your question & my post be helpful
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