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Text on a Sphere


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Hello, I am trying to extrude text either into or on the surface of a sphere. I know it can be done on a curved surface such as a cylinder using the wrap feature. I want to be able to extrude the text and have it normal to the surface of the sphere and also "wrap" on the sphere. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would deeply appreciate it.
Yes, to insert the text on the sphere you can use the wrap feature and then select emboss to have it protrude. If you would like it normal to a specific plane. Use the direction of pull box to insert the plane you'd like the text to be normal to.

Hope this helps, Jason Muckley

To do what you ask is simple

Create your text on the relevant plane of the sphere
Use 'Extrude Boss\Base'
Set direction 1 to 'Offset from surface'
Select the face of the sphere
you want to select 'Translate Surface'
And you may need 'Reverse offset'

Hope it works for you.



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The way is easy if you haven't got my post

Extrude the text from the plane its written on to the surface with 'Offset from surface' check 'translate surface' and you may need reverse to get it on the outside.
Text on Sphere

You could try this as a way to place text on a sphere

1. Revolve a 1/2 Sphere
2. Revolve a flat section with the inner surface tangent to the edge of the sphere to create a 1/2 cylinder
3. Wrap text emboss to the inner edge of the 1/2 cylinder and then subtract this from your sphere
Hope this helps :D

I have attached a sample file in SW2008 format

Regards, Trevor


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