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Text on datum curve



Does anyone know if it is possible to draw text on a cylindrical surface. I figured that I could draw the text from a datum plane then make a cut but it doesn't look the same.
Thanks in advance.
Follow the steps shown in below:
Create the curve on a plane on which you want the text to follow. Project the curve onto the cylindrical surface. Create a new sketched datum curve, this time, however, sketch the text. Select the "follow curve" option, and reference the projected curve. Use the Edit-->Wrap command instead of projecting the curve. Wrap maintains the letters' proportionality (more or less) as they follow the surface. Use the offset tool & select the Expand or Expand With Draft option. Create a NEW sketch when it asks you for a sketched region. Use the same plane as the one you just sketched the text on. In the new sketch, you need to select the Use Edge tool, and select each loop created by the wrapped datum curve. (you might want to hide the original planar curve with the text). Make sure the side surface is normal to the surface itself, and not the sketch.
Hope this helps.

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