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The best way to learn Inventor 10?




I need to lean how to use Inventor 10 quickly and wanted some advice on the best and the fastest way to make this happen. Is there a book that you can recommend that really gets you up and running fast or do I need to consider more expensive classes.

You can do it!

Hello CADFunkie,

You certainly should be able to learn IV10 on your own with the proper materials. Especially if your budget is tight. We have many excellent resources right here on the site. I'll list a few categories to take a look at.

Inventor Tips (620)
Inventor Tutorials (306)
Inventor Books (4)
Inventor Downloads (7)

Good luck!
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Learning Inventor 10

Also try working through the tutorials supplied with the program. There are also tutorials located at but we have links to most all of there here in the tutorials section of on

Good luck!
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Make sure you lean this!

After speaking with many Inventor users and just about all users in general, one of the most important things to make sure you learn is the proper way to constrain a sketch. Unconstrained sketches can and will move around on you when you didn't intend them to, especially after editing a part later on. Make use all sketches are FULLY CONSTRAINED!

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