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The joined segments behave like separate ones


I created this door panel and joined all its segments, but when I want to do fillet the engraved one appears as two apart segments, the fillet is not done and issue an error. Please enlighten me what is the problem and how I can resolve that?

Thank you



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Probably the base of the engraved area has two surfaces that are not tangent to each other.

And since you choose Tangency option for the selection mode, the fillet stops at both non-tangent ends.

You could just add a second Fillet on the other side. But, it would be better to Delete the Fillet and the Join, add a Fillet between the two surfaces, and then try the Fillet again. You don't really need to Join the edges if everything is tangent.

not tang.JPG
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The problem is that I joined the surfaces in the first steps of creating the parts and if I disassemble it I will have a long list of cells in the tree. Also, if I want to delete the joint the body would be deleted completely.

Besides, the fillet was not done at all (to delete it). I even tried to do fillet in the both sides simultaneously but it didn't work either.

Also, applying a fillet on the patch between the two cells is not possible and I receive this message that it is not a sharp edge.

However, when I become unable resolving such the problems I delete the project and begin designing a new one.

I deleted the body and closed the workbench and started designing two new panels with less twisted curves and also avoided to use a vertical spline.



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Unfortunately, surface models sometimes do become so complex that it is better is just start over again. Hopefully use what you learned to do it better the next iteration.

And thanks for including the pictures of the door panels - your surface skills are improving! Are these just training exercises, or are they real production designs?


Thank you dear master

Aside from any engineering software that I worked with, AutoCad (7years) and Catia (recently), I have a good talent in innovation, designing, self-educating, finding various alternatives for technical things, discovering technical methods that are used by experts, and a great will for self-learning and exercise (though am lazy in physical works LOL). I hope you don't interpret my expression to self-conceit
but sometimes my thought travels to the galaxies and black holes to discover their mysteries. I even have discovered how the blue planet, earth was created with water!

However, I have never worked with a company or factory in this aspect while am a capable inventor. I only received the patent of one of my inventions that is a useful wrench, nonetheless I never proposed it to any industrial company. These are my two other inventions ( they are per-designed devices not the industrial samples for prototype) that I designed with AutoCad.

Anyhow, I work just for myself ( exercise, experience) but it doesn't mean I don't like to work for a company for income and better living.

If you see the rate of my progression in Catia is almost high, it is because I have the experience of working with AutoCad, in addition to the talent and other things that I explained.

Basically working with solid parts in Catia is very simpler than working with surfaces, because I have worked with solid object in AutoCad a lot but GDS in Catia is excellent and unique and I love it very much and like to learn all its designing methods as much as possible. The most of the days and even nights I'm exercising in GDS many hours and it is because I'm a lover for surfacing with the unique software Catia. It is very better and developer than AutoCad that I worked with previously, especially because of its nice GDS section and Drafting, although I have not worked with drafting yet.