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TIP: File backup or syncronize made easy


William B

Hi :) CAD friend,

Backup of files was always a problem.
How do you keep your hard disk copy backup current with the least worries?

Well there is a couple of clever guys in Singapore that can help.
They offer a freeware software "SyncBack". :rolleyes:

Visit them at or to download it.
We have tested it and find it very useful.

If you can - please buy their commercial SyncBack SE,
to show them your support.
(No the SE has nothing to do with SolidEdge :p )

Would you like to get more tips like these?
Was this tip helpful?
Do you have some tools/tips to share?
Let us know.
Hi William,

Is this post originated from someone's question? Otherwise, i think we'll have to maintain our threads related to this forum.
Anyway, thanks for sharing the info. There're a lot of good 'sync' programs you can find in download centres.


No it does not originate from someone's question on this forum.
I have had this question posed before and did try a few sync programs.
I have found SyncBack to be head and shoulders above the rest.

We should ask others how they administrate their backups?
What is the best method (regardless of tool you use) to backup your CAD info?
What do you do to keep your links set correctly? (and so on..)

PS: Microsoft has released a "free" version too.
I have tried it, and found it wanting.

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