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I couldn't understand your problem completely but try to use angle constraints in assemble
I don't understand the problem either. And I don't see an option to change the tolerance to loosen up the accuracy.

One thing you might try when you have planar faces that are not parallel: instead of constraining two faces, try constaining a line or a point on one face to the other face.
i was doing the sketches off the faces, and somewhere i made a boo-boo:D and things waren't exacly square, so i couldn't assamble it.....In heat of the moment i thought there might be a setting somewhere to round off the angle size, so that I can assamble the thing.....

since then i've went back and fixed all the problem areas......

I just hate it when your missing .00001 on an angle and it's stoping you from assablying to something else......

never mind, thanks for your help.
Glad you were able to resolve your problem.

But you shouldn't hate the system for catching your errors. Imagine if you were on the assembly line at Airbus or Boeing, and two assemblies wouldn't fit together because they were off by less than 1 degree. Imagine the delays and costs involved in fixing a problem that was due to sloppy tolerances in the CAD system and sloppy modeling practices.

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