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Tree Filter Settings......



Hi all,
I am wondering if there is a way to change the way the tree settings come up when pro starts, rather than go in and change them every session, I don't understand why you would want to hide suppressed features at all anyway, but I guess there are a lot more complex parts out there than what I work on, I am talking about settings -> tree filter in the left window at the top.


so is there a way to have the Supressed Objects box checked by default or do I have to go in every session for the rest of my life and change it?:p

tree filter settings

After selecting the settings you want, (in this case suppressed features)and selecting ok, click "save settings file". save this file to your desired location. This will create a file named tree.cfg. Next, edit your file adding the line.....

mdl_tree_cfg_file (input the path to the file here)\tree.cfg. This will keep the settings you want upon re-start of Wildfire. So now the rest of your life will be a piece of cake..
Yes there is, but it's not in that dialog box. Get the settings for filters and columns just the way you want them, one more time. Then, further down in the same Settings menu where you got the dialog box pictured, there's a choice Save Settings File. Choose it and save the settings file where you want it.

To apply that settings file by default each time you load Pro, go to Tools, Options. Set mdl_tree_cfg_file to point to your saved settings file. --DG
Instead of setting a option, you can also save the tree.cfg file in your startup directory, with the same effect.

( If you right-click your proe icon and click PROPERTIES, your startup directory is the one labelled "Start In". This should also be the location of your personal file)

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