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Trouble With Autocad 2007



has anyone been using 2007?
ive found a big problem with it, at work we loaded 2007 on 2 of our pc's the other 20 are all running 2006. when we start a drawing in 2007 and load up one of our templates we get the message that the aec objects in it will be saved as 2007 format and cant be use by any other previous version. even if we save the drawing as a 2004. we then open it on one of the 2006 pc's and it crashes saying "arx error eDUPLICATEKEY"
we can fix this by take everything from model space in the 2007 drawing and placing it in a 2006 template, then purging the 2007 drawing completly and auditing it, then place the drawing back into it and save as a 2006. this works but to do this to 30 or 40 drawings in a set is a bit out of the question.........time is money as they say.

has anyone one else come across this problem?
Has this issue been resolved?
If not, does it still occur after installing the latest 2007 service pack?

3DCADForums Help Desk
If you have ADT, try exporting to AutoCAD.
If you have AutoCAD, use the AECTOACAD command.

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