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Trouble with video Tuts on


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My Mac can't read video Tuts on

Hi. I've been searching the web for some tutorials for Autodesk's Land Desktop, and 3dCAD's tutorials are the ones that most suit my needs. However, I can't view the streaming videos linked to

I should first off say that I am using a mac, (Yes, i know, but I have it with windows unless I'm working.)

But, I have plugins which allow me to view just about any streaming or other video content. I have updated those plugins, and I have visited the site and checked their help pages, and they state they are using the "TechSmith" codec, which I downloaded and installed. (TechSmith has a codec for mac.) However, i still can't see the video. I can hear it.

I run windows XP in a VM to do my CAD work, and that's all. The VM is disabled from having any connection to the internet, (for security reasons.) This is the first time that I haven't been able to view this type of media with my mac, and was wondering if anyone knew of other codecs which I may be missing to play these files.

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Try some Mac related forums

Have you tried posting this problem on some Mac related OS forums? The thread title indicates that you are having a problem with when you're actually having a Mac OS/codec issue. I will change the title of this thread to indicate this if you don't mind.


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