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TurboCAD: Getting started



I am brand new to the site and this is my first post. Please excuse if this has been listed numerous times but I really do not have time to go through the old postings just now as I need to get started on a project.

I have just one years' experience with AutoCAD as a student so I have the student version on my own PC at home. I recently purchased TurboCAD 12 professional for use at work - it was relatively cheap, has 3D and I was informed that it was easier to use than AutoCAD. The latter feature has yet to inspire me as the basic functions seem so different.

Because of the basic user differences I shall have to start with the manual and am reading from TurboCAD student editition Module One version 2. Am already stuck on p26 "Before you start - open the drawing named TASK01"
I cannot find this drawing to continue. Help please!

One other thing that seems to be missing is a ZOOM selection. Do they have one?

I hope that someone is going to confirm that TurbCAD is easier than AutoCAD because I am finding it frustratingly different already.

Thanks for your help!

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