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UG Knowledge Fusion


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Dear All,

Is anybody know where can I find the Knowledge Fusion Tutorial from? I would like to use this for updating my part automatically in UG when any parameter is changed. THanks.

hi Chua

You can download knowledge fusion study material from below login ,but u need customized file to work out sample Exercise’s. you can learn basics from this material

Material name: UG/ Knowledge Fusion for Designers
Version : V18

By using knowledge fusion you can't change parameters directly, but you can make it through ug_expression
bounden plane in KF


How can i create the bounden plane of "total_curve:"?
How can i get the area of "total_curve:"?

Greeting from germany!

#! NX/KF 6.0
DefClass: New_Class_Name (ug_base_part);

(Child) boundary_0: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face:};
Set2_References, {Face_0:};

(Child) boundary_1: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_1:};

(Child) boundary_2: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_2:};

(Child) boundary_3: {
Class, ug_curve_intersection;
Set1_References, {Face_0:};
Set2_References, {Face_3:};

#join the boundary

(Child) total_curve: {
Class, ug_curve_join;
profile, {boundary_0:,boundary_1:,boundary_2:,boundary_3:};
To Find AREA

Dear Friend:

Just i created one sample program for your reference

in that program i created 4 lines instant of doing "ug_curve_intersection" and "ug_curve_join" to make it simple, instant of doing bounded plane i made extrude and extracted faces from the Feature, Because i understand through your dfa code&mail , that you need to know how to find area of a surface. Please go through the below code

in the file

Attribute ‘value’ i used to assign value for line and ug_feature_askFaces Function used to extract face from the body, and ug_face_askArea Function used to find the area of the required face

In the attribute “Area” you can find Area of the Given Face (in give program i taken 6th Face)

#! NX/KF 5.0

DefClass: New_Class_Name (ug_base_part);

(Number Modifiable [mm]) value: 30;
(Any Modifiable) face: ug_feature_askFaces( Profile: );
(Number Modifiable [mm]) area: ug_face_askArea( nth(6,face:) );

(Child) l1: {
Class, ug_line;
End_Point, Point(0,value:,0);

(Child) l2: {
Class, ug_line;
Start_Point, Point(0,value:,0);
End_Point, Point(value:,value:,0);

(Child) l3: {
Class, ug_line;
Start_Point, Point(value:,value:,0);
End_Point, Point(value:,0,0);

(Child) l4: {
Class, ug_line;
Start_Point, Point(0,0,0);
End_Point, Point(value:,0,0);

(Child) profile: {
Class, ug_extruded;
End_Limit, -1;
Profile, {l1:,l2:,l3:,l4:};

I hope It's sufficient to clear your drought . If any dought Please Revert Back, If you know any vacant Regarding unigraphics Knowledge fusion please Forward it to my mail ID.
Please help!

Hello friends, I apologize in advance for my English. Please help us to understand the syntax in KF. Trying to make sweeping using class nx_swept on previously created lines. dfa-file being tested for syntax, but when I run nothing built. Who knows what is my fault? The code is given below. I would be extremely grateful if somebody will share examples of operating codes for nx-classes in particular on nx_extrude.

(Child) stenka: {
Class, nx_swept;
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