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UGS licensing changes?


William B

Dear fellow CAD's,

I unofficially heard that the licensing of UGS products are going to change.
The hardware dongol license is not to be used anymore rather software dongols.

How does it effect us - especially those without internet connected to their internal network?
Can anyone volunteer some details on this. :confused:

(PS: CAD's = Computer Aided Designers)

10^6 thanks.

NOTE: Licensing changes to standalone (node-locked) Solid Edge users!

Hi Buddy,

Yes, you're right. I guess your reseller is finally talking to you huh? ;)
There're some licensing method changes affecting the node-locked licenses. There will be no changes for floating licenses.

All node-locked dongles will no longer be used starting in Solid Edge V19. Each node-locked license will be tagged to an identified hardware machine referencing to the system's volume serial number.

No constant connection to the internet or intranet is required to run Solid Edge based on the changes. Your reseller should be providing you with the new license files upon submitting your systems' volume serial numbers.

To obtain your system's volume serial number, launch a MS-DOS prompt window (START > RUN > cmd) and type the following:

vol c: - OR - dir c:

where 'c:' is your logical drive letter.


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