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Unsure about interview performance


New member
I have just recently completed a technical video interview regarding my final year project to a company in China. I applied to two positions: "Mechanical Development Engineer" and another "Train Systems Engineer". This is a second stage interview.

I believe that I presented my final year project properly. However, it took me sometime to answer the first member from the technical team properly because his English was not very good and difficult to understand. So it can be seen that I managed to answer the questions he asked but it was obvious that I couldn't understand him very well. However, I managed to answer everyone else properly. One of the team members asked if I ever thought of doing a PHD at their company or if my project involved any team work. I got asked if I ever worked with Chinese people before which I did in university. The HR was looking at my application form and complimented my international skills and language abilities.
The question though is, would my initial answers to the team member who was not very good in English affect the interview itself despite the positive answers I gave to everyone else?