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Update Error...Please Help


New member
CATIA v5r11

I am trying to create a Closed Surface and I am getting the error:

"Tangent or small elements lead to bad quality intersections(see highlighted edge)"

Has anyone had experience with this error message and, if so, how can it be overcome?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
The message is telling you the surface isn't good enough for it to be closed. Where it is having problems is probably highlighted with thick red curves.

It's impossible to say exactly and recommend a solution without seeing the surface.
Understood...thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately it is not highlighting anything with thick red curves but it is highlighting the entire surface with the usual highlighting as if it were selected.

Again, thanks for your reply. I'll keep picking away at it until I find out what is wrong with my surface.
You might want to try the Surface Analysis tools that are in the GSD workbench. Healing might help as well.

Two other things that might help pinpoint the problem: try Offsetting the surface to one side and then the other; try Join to check for continuity problems.

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