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Urgent: Sheetmetal Assembly


New member
Hi Everyone,

I have an aseembly file with one sheetmetal part (created by Generative SheetMetal Design) and few small component.

During assembly mode, the sheetmetal is folded. I created other component like LED on the hole of sheetmetal.

My question here is, when i unfold the sheetmetal. Why the LED still at the same position rather than attach to the unfolded wall? Although i contrainted it to the sheetmetal wall.

Anybody have better idea how to make the other component stick to the sheetmetal wall during the assembly (no matter is folded or unfolded)


Why do you need to stick the small components to the unfolded sheetmetal?

The unfolded part is used for manufacturing (cutting) process...Then you fold the sheetmetal and after that you can create the assy.

This should be the normal procedure. I think there are only few exceptions when you do the fold process with components already installed (and anyway, I would try to avoid this situation...).

Try to think like in real life, CATIA is just a tool....
I dont think you can do this in assembly. That is why there is no unfold in assembly. If you really want this to happen you could always draw both parts in the same part. If you do this it will move werever you want the whole thing to go.
Besides that good luck,
Steve K.

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