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Usefule SE sites



Below are some useful SE sites I've come across. I'm sure there are many more so please reply and add to the list. These sites are a great place to find custom macros that help speed up your design workflow.

If you are interested in custom programming of SE then the site below should definetly be on your list:

The next ones are a combination of German and English. There are free translators available on the web to help read what is available:
Hello ksudavid ,

We appreciate the site links. We'll pass them along to our technicians so they can be added to our directories. We search the Web daily for material and have found good Solid Edge sites to be less abundant than your would expect, given its presence and usage.

If you have any more, please pass them along!
We appreciate it. In fact, a sub-forum just for resource sites may be in order here. I've not seen that done before and we like to be the first with new and inovative deliver methods.

What do you all think? Should we start a sub forum just for SE resource sites? Let us know your thoughts.

Thanks again.
3DCADForums Help Desk

I think taht is a GREAT idea!! :D
To start a "shortcut" list for SE resources would be most helpful.

I do suggest that it is rather a catogorized list rather than a forum concept.
Many guys fail by making the resources they present cluttered.

Please guys, extend on my comments..

Hello William,

Yes that correct. We as moderators would have to copy edit the material. There could be one thread that the moderator edits. That would be the master list and other threads or posts that users submit. All you have to do is collect each post when they come in and organize them on the master list. The master list is what users will look at as a reference, and not the unedited posts.

One thing that a seconday SE forum does for this is that it gives the effort more visibility on the main forum page and on the weekly forum newsletter. The new forum could be listed just below the main SE forum and have a separate section in the newsletter. You could make the master list "sticky" so that it's always on the top of the list.

There could be other ways but then it's gets into just being another version of and the whole idea of that site is to have only one master directory. The master list would be monitored by a technician and each site would be reviewed and submitted to

Comments are welcome here. How does everyone else feel about this concept?

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