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User Defined Features for variable radius fillet in NX



I want to do create an UDF for a variable radius fillet, which should be constructed according to the construction method of Grodzinski fillet,

(details of this can be found here:

Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors - Walter D. Pilkey, Deborah F. Pilkey - Google Books

Now I can calculate the points on the Grodzinski variable radius fillet for different cases using a python program, and write these points into a .dat file.

Reading from .dat file directly enables me to create fillet profile in the skecher environment by using "Throgh Points" option in the '' Spline '' dialong box.

Later on I extruded the sketch and ontained desired CAD model of the part with Grodzinski variable radius fillet. However, when I try to created the UDF for

the fillet, there is no information (dimensions, paramteters...) of the fillet in UDF dialog box.

Since the equation of Grodzinski variable radius fillet is hard to derive, I can not achieve the desired fillet by using "Law Curve".

I also tried to created this variable radius fillet by using "Edge Blend" and " Face Blend" tools, however, these are not succesful.

So I would apreciate if any suggestion to this problem is proposed.