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User Property Vs. Parameter



When I create a user property (using 'Properties > Define other properties ... '), a related parameter is created.

eg. If I create a user property 'Author', a parameter name 'Properties\Author' is automatically created.

Is there any specific capability / use that User Property can perform that a parameter related to the user property or a User Parameter does not have?

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Good question! I think you are creating one thing, and it is just being shown in a different format.

Just speaking off the cuff without doing any research on this;

CATIA is parametric and uses parameters for all (or most) values (inputs and outputs). Most parameters have numeric values. Some parameters are binary (true or false). And some parameters can be properties with names/titles.

So I think when you create a User Property, you are making a special type of parameter. And your Property is just being shown as a Parameter with a sub-type of Property and a name of Author.

If you populate the property and give it a value (Author = Joe), does it show up as "joe" in the list of parameters?
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