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using hole wizard



would appreciate some help on making a hole using hole wizard.....I am allright up to the error I states....points to locate holes are not constrained......can someone tell me what that means and how to fix it.....sorry....I am a basis user......

thanks again....
It sounds like you may have the "use fully defined sketches" turned on. You can turn it off by going to Tools-Options-System Options- Sketch. It should be the top box to uncheck in that menu.

If you want to leave that option turned on then all the hole wizard is asking is that you fully define the sketch before finishing the feature. You can do this by dimensioning it to model edges or origins. Also you may just click on the point and give it a fixed constraint.

Hope this helps you
wizard hold

thanks for the input....tried your method but it didnt work.....maybe if I explain what I am doing you might catch what I am doing wrong......say your making an object that is 5" x 5" at 3/4" depth....if I wanted to place a 1/8" tap in this using the wizard........insert, features, hole, wizard,....selected my tap...pressed next....."please enter dim to locate the center of the hole or select sketch points to create multiple this point I am confused....I can press anywhere on the object and it will give me the problem is I want it at a certain dim factor.....

hole wizard

well dear, u have to do simple thing

just click any wr on the face and u will see a preview of the tap u need.

after that click point in the the sketch tool bar or press esc for once, which will make u out of point command otherwise wr ever u click u will generate a hole.

then use smart dimensions to plave the hole at the reqd position.

i hope this will make u 2 work


Deepak Gupta

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