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Using the venting tool



Anyone out there have a good source on using the vent feature? Seems that the help file is fairly useless.
SolidWorks Vent Feature Links

Hello CTreviso,

Take a look at these links:

Using functional features to build plastic parts (Cadalyst)

Vent Feature (CAD Digest and SolidProfessor)
multimedia tutorial on using the vent feature in SolidWorks 2006,, February 2006 Mechanical-design software for modeling (Machine Design)
The Vent feature lets users take a geometry and create functional features ... SolidWorks 3D mechanical-engineering software lets users quickly build solid ...

Solid Thinking: More Functional Features to Build Plastic Parts ...
SolidWorks' vent and fill pattern tools help automate the task of creating features that are ... The Vent feature creates a vent in one step using a pre-defined 2D sketch...

Good luck.

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