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Using wildcard characters on the command line I am unable to delete layouts


New member
Using wildcard characters on the command line I am unable to delete layouts, when I try the same I am getting the following error message on command line:

Cannot find layout "*", nothing deleted
Please help.
Wildcard layouts

Hello Benard,

Which version of AutoCAD are you using?
I would be interested in finding out exactly what it is you are typing out on the command line in order to delete a layout. I have not heard of this method. I know AutoCAD usually has more than one way of doing things.
I assume it is a paper space layout tab you are deleting.
The way I do it is to simply make the unwanted layout tab active first ( tab turns white) and whilst the cursor is over the offending tab right click it & select delete from the context sensitive menu that pops up. By holding down ‘control’ on your keyboard, you can select more than one tab should you wish.

Is this what you were looking for?

When something doesn’t work, I just shout at the screen.:mad: It doesn’t make anything happen, but I feel a lot better.:p


Hi Benard,
The best way delete layouts is by right-clicking each layout and choosing delete from shortcut menu.
Give a shot and I hope it will resolve your issue.

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