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V-Ray RT for 3ds Max 1.50.SP2 available for download


New member
V-Ray RT for 3ds Max 1.50.SP2 is now available for immediate download from our website download section >> Chaos Group / Chaos Software official website - home - V-Ray® - award winning, production-ready 3D rendering solutions.

The full list of additions and bug fixes is listed below: :)

New Features
Options to turn on/off rendering of proxy objects, X-Ref scenes and particles;
Support for stereoscopic rendering with different preview types (anaglyph, interlaced, checker, dual-window);
Adaptive sampling support with the ability to stop the RT once noise has cleared to some level;

Feature Requests
Support for the offset parameters of the physical camera;
Support for mesh lights;
Support for VRayAmbientLight;
Support for bitmaps in the Gradient Ramp texture;
MaxScript callback when a frame is complete;

Bug Fixes
Different result when there is a missing map in the enviroment slot;
Errors when there is a Bitmap texture without a file name specified;
horizontal shift for physical camera not working properly;
Differences with the production renderer when texture filtering is "None" and "Blur" is other than 1.0;
Animation of materials and textures is not updated in the ActiveShade window;
Animation of physical camera properties (focus distance, focal length) is not updated in the ActiveShade window.