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v19 on vista


New member
Hello just found the site looks great I was wondering if anyone has tried to run v19 on windows vista just wondering if I should not buy a computer running vista o. s. thank you for any help aaron
As far as I know, there has been some been some lucky people who have managed to get V19 running on Vista, but its not supported with UGS.

However, SE V20 is very close to being released, which does support Vista. and makes use of Direct 3D graphics.

One of the biggest issues I ahve seen with Vista is this whole Apple Mac style transitioning between apps, it takes up a lot of memory?


i have vista on my computer and v19 running without problems...well only problem is that i dont know how to use this solid edge..
V20 is in print know should be shipping by the end of the month. Check the UGS website if you have access it will be made downloadable on the release day.

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