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V4 layers vs V5 Layers


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Layers in Catv5

copied from another thread to separate topics

I have another question - I am more familiar with catv4 than catv5
would I be right in saying that using diffirent layers is easier in catv4.
At work we tend to put faces on layer 0, solids in layer 1, volume in layer
2 etc, etc. But in my inexperience I cannot see how to do this in catv5.
Do layers even exist in this format!?
:confused: Deano
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Layers & Filters

I agree with you that V4 layers & filters are better than V5. Actually the layers portion is about the same, but V5's Visualization Filters are different and the reason why most companies quit using layers with V5.

With V5, there are other methods for grouping and selecting things:

  • Geometric Sets and PartBodies can be used to group geometry
  • TOOLS + HIDE/SHOW can quickly blank/display by geometry type
  • EDIT + SEARCH provides some powerful search and select tools
  • Power Input commands can be used for multiple selections (t=pl* to select all planes, L=100 to select everything in layer 100, etc.)
  • etc.
I have had a go at using the Visualization Filters, thay are not the
most user friendly, I would like to know more, prehaps I'm not using
them in the most efficient way.
Does anyone know of any tutorials on the subject.

You can do it also by script for different kind of features, but can you explain a little bit why do you need layers in v5?

Usually, its not so necessary t use layers in v5...

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