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v4 surface question


New member
Does anyone know how to convert a 'skin' into a 'surface'. I need to use 'develope' to create a flat pattern and it is asking me to select a 'surface' but the customer sent me a 'skin' only.


Super Moderator
It's been awhile since I used V4, so I'm going from memory here but I do have a couple comments for you

You might be able to convert the Skin to a surface by using either the SURF1 + APPROXIMATE command or the PATCH + APPROXIMATE command. Keep in mind that V4 surfaces must be 2-, 3-, or 4-sided only, so the skin might not be able to be converted. (Skins may have any number of sides, and any number of domains)

Depending on the type of Skin you have, Skins were made by joining several faces. And faces were made from surfaces or planes. So there might be an untrimmed surface already in your model that you can develope. If you can do that, then you can take the edge curves of the skin and flatten them onto the fattened surface to get what you want.
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New member
hello MrCatia.

I tried the 'surf1 + Approx' and it promted me to select a surface so that didnt work. I could not find a 'patch command' so that was out.

I really appreciate your help.