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Variable Radius Fillet (Edge to keep)

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New member
Hi everybody

This is a very big big and i think a big bug in V5!!

It is impossible to built a variable radius fillet using the option
called :Edge to keep!!!
I know very well how it works and how to use it.
This option works only if you built constant fillet !!!!
I am working with GSD V5 R16.
Can someone had the same problem?
How to solve it ?


  • var.fillet-edge-to keep.JPG
    var.fillet-edge-to keep.JPG
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I think you're correct. Send an APAR to Dassault to report this problem.

I'm running R15. When I tried to follow your example, I was unable to select the curved edge as the edge to keep. It did not work for me with either Variable Fillet or with Edge Fillet.

I was able to get the Keep Edge operation to work with the Edge Fillet tool in Part Design. But I got a licensing error when I tried the Variable Fillet with Keep Edge in Part Design.
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