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visualize drawing through web application



Hi everybody!


I possess a web application that consists basically of a Project Manager. Inside of these projects, drawings in dwg are stored that we need to be able to be visualized of any computer with connection with the Internet.

I need some solution that allows me to distribute the drawings (and that they can be visualized) without necessary a CAD viewer installed in each machine.

My program functions in a common web server.

Thanks since already for the aid.


PS.: Sorry, but my english is too poor. I hope that you can understand... ;)
Look for a script to do it

Have you looked at some of the online script sites for an add-in script that will work or that you can integrate? One such site is:

There are many others too.

Good Luck!
3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:

I have already search in and in others scripts sources, but i didn't find anything...

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