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Volume calculation (Bidirectional)


New member
Hello Everyone...

I am currently designing a Rectangular Tank and have measured the actual volume by using the Split with surface and Measure option in CATIA.
I would now like to calculate the surface position from the bottom of the Tank for a Specified Volume (Opposite case). Any ideas on how to approach this problem would be great.

One method I have found is by using the CATIA Product Engineering Optimizer but unfortunately I do not have the license for this module.

Thank you in Advance
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I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want to calculate how high a given volume of liquid will be inside the tank?

The Optimizer will perform this very quickly. But you can easily mimic the Optimizer by manually adjusting the height until the volume approaches the desired value. Here's the steps that will make it easy to zero-in on the optimized value:

1. Create a parameter that controls the height of the splitting surface (or splitting plane)
2. Measure and save the results of the split volume.
3. Create a parameter for the volume (this will make it easy to find the volume in the tree)
4. Switch to Automatic Update
5. based on the current volume, adjust the height parameter and note the new volume. Repeat adjusting the height until the volume is close enough to desired volume.