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Vrml to STEP conversion


New member
Hello everyone,
my questions are following:

1: Is there any way to convert vrml to STEP? If sbd could explain it step by step.

My problem is following: When I put 3dxml files exported from abaqus into my Catproduct and after saving the whole catproduct into Smarteam ( DSS Product data management system) in my file> desk withnin Catia V5 R24 it can be seen that catia has one source for 6 different 3dxml files (six links to one source file). Result is that I have the same visual representation in Catproduct for 6 different parts, what is wrong.

Since abaqus can export files into vrml, I thought if I could convert all parts into STEP before putting saving them into Smarteam?

When I open those parts from local PC,as a separate files and save them as STEP within Catia, I get empty step files.

I found some file converting programs but they are not freeware.

I would appreciate your advice If anyone colud recommend how to solve this.