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Welcome, post job openings here!


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Welcome 3DCADTipsters!

We just opened this forum on March 15, 2006 so that employers can post job openings for our 18,000 + members who may be looking for a new CAD related job or who may be just starting out. You can use this forum to post a "Help Wanted" notice and then other members can ask questions. You can include the job description, qualification requirements, etc.. Feel free to use the Private Messaging (PM) system if you like.

This forum is a great way to fill job openings in your organization with well qualified professionals who are also 3DCADTips members! Good luck and enjoy the 3DCADTips forums!

3DCADTips Support Desk :cool:
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Revit Architect

Revit Architect wanted.

Contact Information:
Nor-son Inc.
7900 Hastings Road
Baxter, MN 56425

Phone: 218-828-1722
Fax: 218-828-0487

Attention To:
Stephen Rose, AIA
Vice President of Architecture
Bobby W parker,
Design/Build Coordinator
[email protected]

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