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Welding pipe to plate


New member

I am trying to weld a round pipe to a peice of flat metal, (so the flat is at a tangent to the round). When I apply a weld to parts (Fillet), I can only get the weld on one side. Is there a way to get the weld showing on both sides.

If the parts are "perfectly tangent" the program cannot determine a near side and a far side for the welds. There is essentially no edge between the two parts and so there is only one side for the welds. If you cause there to be an intersection of .0000001 or similar, it will work.
Hi Kevarnold,

If you have a groove between the pipe and the plate you can use the groove weld to fill the gap and then use the fillet weld to build your weld. This works fine even if you have the plate and pipe at an offset or even if the pipe is at an angle with straight pipe ends:D (At least it works in AIS 2008 dont know if it works in previous releases)

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