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Weldment cutlist in Excel?



I'm currently developing a suitable SolidWorks environment for my company. Therefore I'd like to be able to export my BOM's and my cutlists to Excel. For the BOM's there's a standard function in SW, but I can't get the weldment cut lists to show up in Excel. I already wrote some macro's with help of the SW API, so if maybe that would help i'd also be pleased.
Does anyone know how to get the weldment cutlists in excel automatically?
By selecting the weldment bom and going to file, save, from the pull down menu, and changing the "save as type" *.csv, you will be able to open the new file in excel. Is this what you were looking for?
That's something I found out indeed, but actually i'd like to automate this a little bit more, so that I can easily sort and print out a cutlist with the layout preferred by my company, preferrably with just one mouseclick... With the BOM I already managed this by using the API functions.

Any ideas?
Right click on drag icon, then click "save as" and Save as type "excel".


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