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Weldment problem


New member
I am trying to get the correct lengtht of a weldment part in a cutting list.

I have a part that is made up of 3 weldment features (see attached drawing).

If I have sharp corners in the sketch, the cutting list, lists them as 3 seperate items.

To get it to list as one item, I have been told to add radius into the corners, but in doing this, the total length of the part is wrong.

The guys on the shop floor want just one part, that can be notched to get the required shape, instead of 3 seperate parts.

In the drawing, it lists the total length as 2142.2, but if you were to make it out of one piece of steel, the length would be 2165.

I can work out the difference with a formula, but does anyone know of a easier way, or a macro that may help.



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