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What are your spaceball settings??



I picked up a spaceball 4000 off ebay for 100 bux this week, and am setting it up...I was wondering what other users are using for settings??..:)

Hello CDiprecision,

We found this on the Eng-Tips forum and thought it may help. :cool:

Solidjnke (Mechanical)
29 Apr 06 2:17

1. ESC A. New Part
2. Increase sens. 7. Zoom to fit B. Enter
3. Decrease sens. 8. Tile horiz. C. Save Work
4. Sketch line 9. Ctrl.
5. Delete
6. Trim sketch

With these settings, the only time I need to take my hand off the Ball, is to add dimensions or get the circulation back in my hand.
How are you finding the spaceball?
Is it something you would recommend???
Spaceball 4000

If you use Solidworks or ues similar modeling software this is a tool you cannot do without. It will save you endless scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Mating parts takes a fraction of the time with the Spaceball.

I picked one up on ebay used for less than $75.

Go get one!
I went to the Hannover trade fair in Germany and found a really nice 3d mouse called spacepilot from 3dconnexion... This was really an other dimension of 3d mouses!!!:D
It´s like a 3dmousecomputer:cool:
But it is dam expencive! BUT if you are a student of technical design engineer institution you will get this for 50% the price. In this case 300 euro from!
So I am waiting for it this week... comming up with settings.
The settings for this is endless! check it out @

/the swede--> habbe

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