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What could be wrong???



:confused: I have solidworks 2004 and im useing the tut-book from SDC publ..
My problem is that when I try to draw a circle..insted of the mouse indicater turning into a drawing utensil (pen/pencil) with a small circle next to it..the indicater turnes into cross haires. The same thing happens with the [Tangent Arc,line,3 point arc, ellipse, spline, rect., and the point.]. This is a big pain. how do I switch it back??? please help!!! tully712 @
Check config settings

Have you taken a look at your configuration settings? It appears that the cursor is not acting context sensitive as it should. Context sensitive means that the cursor adapts to the active command.
I think I had similar problems not long ago.. Have you tried turning off the 2-D Command Emulator in 'view'???

I found this worked with my version;)

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