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what exact changes were made on top surface of the screw?


New member
In this video, from @1:22 to @2:42 he made changes to top surface of the screw. what exact changes were made on top surface of the screw?

I didn't understand clearly.


Super Moderator
The teacher in the video does go very fast and it's hard to follow all the steps. In the time range you are asking about, he added a chamfer to the top of the hex head of the screw. He did this in 3 steps:

1. he sketched a line defining the position and angle of the chamfer

2. he made a Revolve surface 360 deg, rotating the line sketch about the x-axis

3. he Split the screw head with the surface to remove the chamfer

Watch the video very closely to get all the steps
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A better way to chamfer the hex head, is to draw a sketch of the triangular chamfer, and then use a Groove to remove the revolved sweep. (This can all be done with the Part Design workbench, and doesn't require switching to the Generative Shape Design workbench in order to make a surface)
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