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what is the differance between unigraphics18 and nx series?


New member
I m a beginner in unigraphics, i want to know the differance between these two series? unigraphicas18....19 and unigraphics nx 1~4.

waiting reply
NX is a version release which combines the excellence from both the traditional I-deas product line and the Unigraphics product line to create a product with superior productivity.

Since 2001, UGS have been planning to move I-DEAS users to a new next level hence releasing NX1 till NX4 today.

Last version of Unigraphics and I-DEAS are v19 and V12 respectively.

Hope this answers your question.
Mostly going to icon driven, parametric, sketcher. I like it.:D
You can check out the Whats new section of each release. Not to long and full of info.

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