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What is the Difference between Trim and Split ?


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Split: cuts and relimits and element using a cutting element.

Trim: cuts and assembles two elements.

If you put the mouse cursor on an icon and look at the left bottom of your computer screen you can obtain information about how the icon works.


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just to add to aivillamil said;

Split can be used with lines, curves, or surfaces to cut with a plane or surface. It's also available in the Part Design workbench to cut a solid

Trim can be used with lines, curves, or surfaces to cut and join the remaining sections. Trim can also be used within a sketch.
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Trim Vs.Split = Associativity Vs. Non Associativity

Dear Friends

Thanks for your Replies.

I got one good definition that is Trim Maintains Associativity, But Split not maintains associativity.



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Sorry, but you got some bad information.

Both Trim and Split are associative commands. Changing the parent geometry will effect the resultant Trim and Split. Try it yourself.