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What is this type of dimension?


I wanted to draw this rail profile (uci54) in the sketch workbench. I have not any problem with other dimensions except (1:2.75) and (1:10). They are unknown to me, though I think are relative to gradient. How do I draw them?


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Add them as Text, instead of Dimension.

They define the angle/slope/gradient of the planes by specifying the RISE:RUN (H dist : V dist)
Hello, master

That's right

When I encounter a technical problem, I often refer everywhere to find a solution, if it even takes long for weeks. I never give up an unsolved matter unless I realize it is out of my knowledge boundary.

When I pose a question here or in other engineering or technical communities, I research about that issue everywhere simultaneously to find the solution sooner.

After I sent this question, I reviewed a variety of the rail sections until I found the answer of my question in one.

Of course, I didn't know its terms (Rise: Run) and learned it from you

Thank you a bunch :)


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